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Tarpanam Seminar

Tarpanam Seminar

Appease your ancestors by simple yet very easy n effective ritual Tarpanam
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What is Tarpanam?

 If there is one act that could relieve you and change your destiny, it is the ancestor ritual called as tarpan. Our departed ancestors are stored as sub-conscious patterns in our solar plexus area. They have the ability to bless us with positive vibrations flowing through us. When we indulge in wicked acts these good vibrations are not available to us and are effectively screened out by the smoke created by our acts.

When you act virtuously and practice charity and devotion to God or the higher Light in all things, then you will have access to positive vibrations. These vibrations have the capacity to completely change who you are and bring incredible blessings into your love life, job, health and other important areas of your life.

The problem is that the “not so good” stuff that you have done in the past will not allow you to reap the benefits of being good in this current life. You have to do some cleansing rituals to counteract the negative karma and enable the blessings of your departed ancestors to reach you. This divine technology is called tarpan.

It is strongly believed that your dead ancestors are governing your destiny! The greatest contribution of India to the world is her spiritual science. No civilization, however old it may be, has attained the level of sophistication, reached by the yogis and siddhas of India.

What makes Maha Tarpanam different, and more profitable, than other planetary remedies you have performed? Tarpanam works with your Soul DNA. It cleanses the biological and soul desires your have inherited from your ancestral lineage going back 7 generations. It is one ritual considered essential to the yogis and higher beings of ancient ancient and has been conducted in for 10,000s of years in human history.

Tarpanam is the most critical ritual one can perform for a newly departed relative. It is essential to perform this ritual 15 days after death. It will empower and release your loved ones’ soul for great power to transition to the afterlife and next birth. If the departed person died in a saddened or disturbed state of mind, this ritual is critical to help them release emotional pain which binds them to the world and prevents normal soul transition. If you have missed that date and still wish to perform, please let us know as the ritual will need to be intensified.

The yogis and siddhas paid equal attention to the bodily existence; while one is alive and also the disembodied existence after one dies.

•           The siddhas were an esoteric group of people who could appear at different places at different times.

•           They could even take the form of an old man or a boy, and return to the earth plane for a few hours visit.

•           It is said that these siddhas hang out in the subtle forms in many places in the southern India,Koli Hills and, Podhigai Hills (Kutralam).

•           If you are destined to meet them at those places, they will show up for you and bless you!

Rules for Shraddha or Shardhar Ritual

For 21 days until the ritual is performed, all family members should:

•           Remain vegetarian

•           Not consume alcohol

•           Practice Celibacy

The Tamil Siddhas of ancient India knew the reasons and benefits of performing Tarpan. They saw that derelict ancestral souls would be released and empowered, enabling you to receive their blessings.When and How to do Tarpan?

The best day to do Tarpanam is the new Moon day of any month during the morning or other daylight time as a unique energetic window is available during that time. It is best to enlist the help of a pure priest to perform this Ritual for behalf. Its effectiveness is increased when performed near the sea or other large water bodies.

Tarpanam is generally not performed after sunset. In case you are not able to get hold of a priest, you can do the Tarpanam yourself.

You have to place sesame seeds (preferably black but the beige ones are okay) and rice powder or rice grains in your right hand and sprinke a few drops of water over it. Then pray to your Ancestors. Start with 6 generations of Ancestors on both the mothers and fathers side and later expand to more generations. Pray to gods and goddesses and your Ancestors to accept your gift and ask them for their blessings. Ask that any Ancestors who are trapped on the earth plane are released – that their karmas are forgiven and their souls find peace as they move to the other plane. Then wash away the seeds. This is very powerful and of great benefit to you as well as a great Service to your entire famil

How To Perform Home Tarpanam

On the New Moon Day, the departed spirits come to the earth plane and stay with their biological relatives from sunrise to sunset. Fasting during the new moon day will alert your consciousness to be in communion with their spirits.

No fasting for our Ancestors however as they crave a special food; an offering which comprises of black sesame seeds, holy water from rivers and oceans, tulsi leaves, sandalwood paste, sacred dharba grass and some coins. These offerings need to be given to them sincerely and conscientiously for all the 14 days and 15 nights.


When living on the earth plane, even great Siddhas like Agastiya, Maha Rishis like Vasistha, Avatars like Krishna and Rama, appreciated their ancestors through rituals involving this tarpanam ‘food’.

How To Perform Tarpanam

Choose which version resonates with you. Dr. Pillai Guruji has suggested to at least practicing the longer version of theTarpanam ritual during the New Moon phase each month.

Performing either version anytime between sunrise to sunset once every day, especially on New Moon days is highly advisable. However, it is suggested to not perform tarpanam during non-daylight time. Do it as often as possible on New Moon days.

The purpose of doing this is to release ancestors to a higher plane. When they go into the light they send you their blessing.

How To Perform Tarpanam

Materials needed:

•           Raw rice or white rice flour

•           Black sesame seeds (most health food stores carry this)

•           Darba grass

•           1 coin (dime, nickel, rupee, peso etc), or gold coin if available (You may re-use the coins)

•           Glass of water

Please note, if all of the above materials are not available, the bare minimum is the black sesame seeds and water. (If you cannot get black sesame seeds in your area,Guruji has said beige sesame seeds are ok; however, black sesame seeds are preferred.)

•           Place a tablespoon of black sesame seeds, white rice flower, a coin (nickel or dime) and a few small pieces of dharba grass into the palm of your right hand.

•           Take a glass of water and sprinkle a few drops over the offerings.

•           Make a heartfelt prayer to your ancestors as you pour water over your hand and say, “I invite you to take this offering, 6 generations of ancestors on my mother’s side and 6 generations of ancestors on my father’s side. Take this energy. Be healed, be at peace, cross into the light, and please don’t forget to bless me.” If you wish, you may name those family members that have passed on. Also, as you keep doing this ritual, in time you may increase up to 12 generations in each side.

•           Then pour the rest of the water over right hand and let the offerings wash off completely. (You may reuse the coin. Just rinse it off in water each time) (Note: Some people keep a container in the bathroom with this mixture and do tarpanam daily during morning shower and rinse off the mix while in the shower. Guruji has said this is ok.)

Why do to tarpanam ? What is Pitru Dosh

Pitru Dosh – bad effects of not worshipping ancestors

If one fails to worship their ancestors on important days like New Moon days, their ancestors will not be relieved of their sufferings. Such acts will incur the curse or the dosh of the ancestors in one`s horoscope. Pitru dosh in a horoscope can cause innumerable problems like diseases, debts, constant failures, childlessness, delayed marriage, problems in career growth.

In a horoscope, if the ninth house is afflicted or the Lord of the ninth house is afflicted then it indicates Pitru dosh. To get rid of the curses of ancestors, it is best to offer oblations of water and sesame to the departed ancestors or do Pooja with faith and love towards them.

Remembering the Pitrus on Amavasya

’Satisfy the Pitris (departed ancestors) with oblations of Tarpan (water) using the word `swadha`. ~ Yajur Veda

Importance of Tarpanam

•           Sage Agasthya says that everyone should do Tarpanam to ancestors.

•           Tarpanam or pooja to Pitrus is done to express our gratitude to our ancestors for all that we enjoy in this life.

•           Special offerings of black sesame seeds, cooked rice, and water are offered to the departed spirits.

•           Pitru worship confers immense merits, good fortune, ancestor blessings on those who observe it with devotion and love.

All those who have failed to offer Tarpanam on other days of the year to their ancestors can do it on this day to please their ancestors. Tarpanam or ritualistic pooja to ancestors done on this day is very powerful and is considered highly meritorious.

On this day, one can make sincere prayer requests to Pitrus for fulfillment of wishes. It is also a day to atone for our sins and seek a new lease of life through the blessings of ancestors.

It is the most suitable day to do Tarpanam to those who have left their mortal coils due to accidents, suicides etc. Offerings made today will reach them directly.

This means, when you pray during Amavasya time, seek blessings of your ancestors, and offer donations during this time with complete love, gratification and respect. Their grace can help you:

•           Grow spiritually and improve on your intelligence

•           Change your pattern of thoughts and outlook

•           Bring confidence and drive for success in your goals

•           Bring you peace of mind.


DON’T FORGET: Honor Your Ancestors with Tarpanam

It is recommended to perform Tarpanam rituals on New Moon days. However some New Moon days are more important than others. On certain New Moon days our own body can become a conduit for the Ancestors spirit which allows us to connect with them on a very deep level. This allows the Ancestors to deliver special messages, resolve unfinished business, and move to higher dimensions.

Bring Peace to Departed Relatives and Heal Your Heart Sorrow

On Amavasya day, departed souls visit the earth plane to bless their relations. Performing rituals like Tarpanam will show your gratitude to your ancestors. During the upcoming Thai Amavasya Ancestor ritual, you can personally participate and communicate with your departed loved ones by performing the following steps:

4 Simple Steps To Connect with Your Ancestors

1) Put their picture near you when you sleep

2) Light a candle or ghee lamp

3) Say a prayer

4) Feed them their favorite foods

Perform the above practice and your ancestors and departed loved ones will come to you in your dreams. This simple practice can help heal the heart sorrow over their departure. Ancestor worship will bring immediate benefit to you and everyone in your family.

The Ancestors will be able to help you, especially when you help them move to a higher dimension.

To attaend Tarpanam conducted by Ashika will clear all your concepts scientific explanations and also she will heal and strengthen your connection with your ancestors. Many People has experienced that you can call up and ask them their new life after Tarpanam . 

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