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Shreem Vaastu Space Clearing and Blessing

Shreem Vaastu Space Clearing and Blessing

Space Clearing & Blessing Space Clearing & Blessing is a powerful way to remove unwanted energy from your space and to fill your home with vibrant, positive energy.
Brand : Shreem Vastu - Space Clearing and Blessing
Model No : 108
Vaastu Shanti : 108
Detailed Description

Shreem Vaastu -  Space Clearing and Blessings includes effective way to appease Vastu Purush, Make Vastu Purush Mandala , Give apropriate place to Vastu Devta as per Shashtriya vedic Paramparik Method , clearing all the negative imprints of house and welcoming all the positivity from all the corners , which will further makes inhabitants Healthy Wealthy and Happy .Our space clearing techniques will clear each and every corner of your space where old or stagnant energy might be lingering, resulting in a powerful purification and the implementation of changes. 



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