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Vastu Remedies And Products

Vastu Remedies And Products

Be Blessed Be Happy have one stop solution for all of your Vastu related doshas, get remedies or upayas for ... according to Vaastu Shastra principles provides prosperity, disease-free lif.
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Vastu - dosha is a projected flaw or deficiency in the known characteristics of the eight directions. These directions have been endowed with qualities based on a classification sourced from the Panch-Maha-Bhutas. It is strongly believed that Vastu which is Science of Structure is a promise to heaven & prosperity. But, when most of we live urban life where buildings are constructed mostly without Vastu concepts due to scarcity of land. So mostly perfect Vastu compliance is almost impossible! We at Shreem Vastu manange to rectify such Doshas with the help of Natural and Ecomomic Way. 


Most vaastu shastra defects can be avoided with some remedial measures to cut down the negative energy created by them. Here are some measures to get back positive energy even from a place that has been found to have bad vaastu shastra:


If the plot has a slope towards the west, plant any tall trees on the west, such as eucalyptus.

If the plot has an elevation from west to east then construct the floor higher in the west so that the east has a slope.

Constructing the compound on the east side with very light material can also prevent this defect.

The maximum number of windows should be constructed on the east side.

A well in the east or southeast should be capped since it may have disastrous results.

If there is a slope on the south, it creates imbalance in the energy flow; loading the south side while constructing can rectify this.

The same defect can be avoided by building the compound wall high and thick on the south.

A well in the south will bifurcate energy, so it should be capped to get positive energy.

Neem trees on the south end border of the site prevent flow of negative energy.

Excess space in the west can be filled by planting eucalyptus trees.



ECONOMICAL MEASURES FOR CORRECTING VASTU DEFECTS (without altering existing structures)


All this talk of Vastu shastra is fine but can it be applied in its entirety to home, workplace or industry.?? May be not, because practical application of Vastu Shastra becomes very difficult in today’;s life style, due to the pressure to purchase plots & buildings not conforming to Vastu shastra principles, especially in big cities and metro towns.

There are many people who want to enjoy benefits of Vaastu shastra but either have already bought the plot or are using a constructed building. So what should they do? Buy another plot and build a new building there according to Vastu shastra concepts? We know that this is nearly impossible. But then in such cases there are remedial measures which include placement of Pyramids, metallic Swastiks, Metallic Strips which provide relief to a certain extent.

 PLACEMENT OF PYRAMIDS: The placement of Pyramids is an effective concept based on mind over matter. It is experienced that mental level correction is as powerful as that done in the structures. The Pyramids are specially designed in kits of 3X3 or 9X9 numbers for correcting Vastu shastra defects. The placement and positioning of the Pyramids depends on size and shape of the structure, the plot direction and the severity of defects. It is observed that when a Pyramid is constructed with any material and if an Aluminum sheet is placed around the Pyramid, then the negative energy field inside the Pyramid vanishes. The enhancement and locking of cosmic field can be influenced by Pyramidal structures.

 PLACEMENT OF SWASTIKS: Swastik is recognized as an auspicious symbol all over the world . The recent studies in the field of bio energy indicate that this symbol is associated with definite positive energy levels. it generates an atmosphere of devotion, pleasant feelings and a sense of well being.

 In fact this symbol is associated with Astronomy. It is a symbol of constellation of seven stars As shown in the figure, the central point represents North Star Out of the four arms two represent the rising and setting point of seven stars, which are East and West, and the remaining two represent the North and South. So the Swastik symbol is the source of energy from the seven stars.

 The practice of placing Lord GANESH & Lord HUNUMAN idols at the entrance or on the walls can be explained in terms of deriving benefits due to Swastik symbolic shape

 PLACEMENT OF METTALIC STRIPS: The ground level air up to 12" height is called PRANIC FORCE . In case of negative door entries, bifurcation of the plot, balconies in wrong directions, the PRANIC FORCES are to be restricted by embedding metallic strips on the floor.The metallic strips of copper, brass, zinc and aluminium are decided according to severity of the defect.

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